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krishnaUndoubtedly Lord Krishna was a perfect human being. But there are some misconceptions about him among thekishan common people. People call him ‘Streelola’, one who likes to be with women. And guys who always move along with girls are branded as ‘Lord Krishna’ and this is when I get annoyed. The intension of posting this article is to make people aware of the real KRISHNA and stop people from naming flirting guys as ‘Krishna’.

I do agree that Krishna had 16000 wives apart from his 3 queens. But people forget to know the reason for him having so many wives. The story goes like this. There was a powerful demon by name ‘Narakasura’. He conquered many places and captured all beautiful women in those places and threw them into the prison, so that he could marry them later after conquering many more places.  Finally Krishna defeated Narakasura with the help of his wife SatyaBhama. After winning the war he released all these women from the prison. But these women shared their grief with Krishna. They told him that their family and society will not accept them as they were in the captivity of  a ‘Parapurusha’ (another man). People will consider them as impure and so they felt that it is better to die. Looking at their condition Krishna agreed to marry them. He also mentioned clearly to them that he will marry them just to  give them a good position in the society and not for lust.  And he did  keep his words.

Apart from this people also feel that Krishna is a streelola because of the way he enjoyed  with the gopika sthrees. But the actual fact is that, at that time Krishna was a kid and all the gopikas were of his mom’s age. Again here there was no lust while enjoying with them. These gopikas just enjoyed the spiritual bliss of Krishna.

So this shows the amount of respect Krishna gave to women. And people talk senseless things about him. This hurts me a lot. I am sure all those who know the story behind this will feel the same. So, if you have ever called a person who flirts with many girls as ‘krishna’ , my sincere request is that please dont do it again and save yourself from committing sins.


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EXOI was at home when i heard the sound of a band troupe. I dint pay heed towards it as I thought it must be from one of the many schools around my home. These schools often train their students with band sets, usually for performance during Independence day or Republic day.

Then as my mom came back from work, she saw the EXO procession. As soon as she entered the house she asked me to come out and watch the procession. Looking at her exitement I also got excited and came out with full of enthusiasm.  The troupe  had crossed our home and had gone a bit further. I could see two huge cartoon characters of EXO, one person playing a huge drum, two playing the bugal, two with smaller drums and a vehicle carrying a huge EXO board and speakers. 

But one person in the group saw us come out of our home. He said “Maam, if you are using EXO and if you can show the EXO bar in your house to us, you can win a gift!!!” My mom and me were now more excited as we were using EXO and had an EXO bar at home. Soon I went into the kitchen, took the EXO dishwash bar and showed it to him. Two more people came to examine if it was actually EXO or some other brand. Finally they agreed that it was EXO!! Now our excitement had increased!! Then a person asked me if I would be comfortable to speak over the mike. I said “NO”. So they took off the mike. Then he asked me “Maam from how many days are you using EXO”. Actually i dint know the answer. My mom prompted me the answer and I answered ” 2 years”. Now he was very happy to hear the answer. Then he said ” Thats very nice maam. Did you know that EXO has anti-bacterial formula? Anyways, in future also please use EXO only”. Then they handed over the gift pack to me and in the mean while they took a pic of me recieving the gift!!

The experience was just awesome and I felt like using EXO only always. Also I appreciate the new and nice marketing strategy incorporated by this company. The strategy surely works!!!!!!

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